Ceramic Painting Studio


How it works

The whole process is made up of some simple steps - and is designed so that you can concentrate on creating your masterpiece. We provide all of the materials and equipment that you need and will give as much (or little) help and guidance as you want.

You Choose:Blank bisque
Browse around the studio and choose the piece of blank bisque that you would like to paint from our large range. There are completed examples of most pieces to help you choose and give you inspiration.

You Paint: Painted Bisque
Sit down at one of our tables and paint your item using the paints and stamps provided.
Names, dates and short messages can be added to give that personal touch either for presents or keepsakes. You can do these yourself or our staff will be happy to do this for you

We Glaze and Fire:Painted and fired bisque
We do this bit for you! Hand in your item to us and we will glaze and fire it - this really brings the colours to life. We will let you know when it will be ready for collection - usually just a few days. It is ready to be either displayed or used straight away - and is even dishwasher resistant.