Ceramic Painting Studio


Potz Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Potz Hall of Fame. Here you will find photos of pieces that have been painted by customers or as examples by our staff. With a little patience and practice you can produce fantastic results like this. Using the hints, tips and techniques we can show you, your masterpiece could be here too.

Large Olive Bowl

A large bowl (approx. 11" in diameter) decorated using a graded colourwash and sponge printing. The olives in the centre are shaped from wet clay and fired onto the bowl.

African Outback Sunset

A large, round dinner plate approx 11" in diameter.

Yacht Plate

An extra-large 13" charger decorated using a mask & wash technique.

Plate in the Style of Monet

A large, round dinner plate in the style of Monet (approx. 11" diameter).

Spring Butterflies

Large, square sushi plate using French Dimensions relief paints and various painting techniques (approx. 11" square).

Crystal Glazed Teapot

Large teapot finished with Crystal and Crackle Glazes.

Christmas Bowl

Large decorative bowl - a beautiful piece you could bring out each year (approx. 13" in diameter and 3" deep).

Teddies in the Snow

Teddies on a snow effect, textured background - painted on a rectangular sushi platter (approx. 12" x 6").

Elephants at Sunset

Silhouette painting on a rectangular sushi platter (approx. 12" x 6").