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Groups & Clubs

If you are the organiser of a local club we can provide all you need for an exciting and creative event.

You can take all of the materials and equipment and run the event yourself. This gives you complete freedom to take as long as you need, timed to fit within your other group activities.

We can cater for all groups including all ages and abilities including special educational and physical needs.

We can also accommodate groups and clubs in the studio during the day, Monday to Friday - although early advance booking is essential - or we can come to your premises if this is more practical for you.

We have enjoyed very successful sessions at nursing homes, beavers, cubs, rainbows and brownies - such as with 24th Northampton Beavers & Cubs Group, below. We are happy to tailor sessions to meet the needs of your group.

24th Northampton Beavers & Cubs Group

  24th Northampton Beavers

Beavers and Cubs Comments:


"Great Fun"

"Really Good"

  24th Northampton Cubs

Leader's Comments:

"We were all really pleased with the fantastic Halloween coasters and plates the boys produced. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves !"